Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post 25: Extra Credit

Gini Index of the World...

 Link of the Gini Index:  http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/eco_gin_ind-economy-gini-index

I found it interesting that places such as Japan and Vietnam had a higher Gini Index than the United States.  It was shocking what I found and it was kind of unexpecting in a way.  What this says about America is that we are not as equal and as powerful as so many think that we are.

Three American Groups Fighting Poverty:

  1. FOCUS North America
  2. Fundacion En Via of Oaxaca 
  3. Oxfam America
For Northern Burlington, the best place to donate money to fighting poverty in my opinion would be oxfam because of the support in America and globally.  They help and fight poverty not only in the United States but oxfam also helps other countries such as Haiti and other countries.  This would help the oxfam community grow and make donations possible to help those in need.  You donate monthly and your money goes toward a good cause.  "And after the earthquake in Haiti, Oxfam purchased the peanut butter and cornmeal from her group to help feed 10,000 surviving families." (oxfamamerica.org)  Therefore, I would pick oxfam to be the place of donation for Northern Burlington.

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