Monday, January 24, 2011

Post 24: Four Future Scenarios


Scenario #1 (Frictional)-  I am fired from my job as being a civil engineerer and I am will be searching for another job dealing with computers.  So I am basically going from one job to another and in the period of looking for another job I am in frictional unemployment.

Scenario #2 (Structural)-  I lost my job as being a oil miner since technology has changed and oil is no longer used.  Now instead of oil and gas as fuels, we have solar and wind fuel for the future.  So because of the shift in techonology I had lost my job.

Scenario #3 (Cyclical)- I had a job with General Motors and because of the recession and economic fall in 2038, I lost my whole job and had to be laid off.  Due to the recession I lost my job and now face the challenge of being unemployed.

Scenario #4 (Seasonal)- I am one of the few farmers left in the year 2020 and right now is the coldest winter that I have ever experienced.  Because of the winter months, my job is greatly affected by this and I am currently unemployed.  I lost my job because I can not produce anything in 5 feet of snow and this forces me to be unemployed until the spring, summer, and then the fall again.  So, I am seasonally unemployed.

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